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29. března 2010 v 20:06 | CH A N E L |  NEWS
It is really difficult to be perfect for him. I think that nobody can be so perfect as he is. His skin, body, teeth, smile, chocolate eyes, voice and style. I must be perfect for him ... beacuse Bill. When I see him, I feel butterflies in my stomach and my heart is as a wild horse without obstacles or limits. I want know and see world behind his wall.

He is my King and I am his Queen

Queen of H U M A N O I D s
by QoH
What is the fat? It is only the destroyer of my happiness. I can´t be happy with fat hips and body as hippopotamus. I don´t need  it for my new life, new life for him ! I feel as stranger in my body. I need skinny feeling. He is my fuel to loss weight !
by QoH


1 niki niki | Web | 29. března 2010 v 20:58 | Reagovat

oat was and still is a great idea, honey :) no need to deny it.

but all you wrote is true. day by day, we know him more and more, ... and i just think that nobody is perfect enough for him and never will be. pure perfection, inside, outside, it's hard and maybe not possible to describe it, you know :)

good luck with losing weight, but keep calm and stay healthy :) take care ♥

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